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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Me, The Felted Tote, Sara & Gunther News

Let's start with the Fair Isle Felted Tote. Here is a link to where it's at and how it's turning out. Fair Isle Felted Tote KAL: The Stages of my Fair Isle Tote. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Now for Sara. Sara is my 20 year old daughter for those of you who haven't been reading my blog too long. She has been working in a German Bakery/restaurant for about 9 months now mostly in the retail part of the bakery. Recently she mentioned to one of the owners that she was wanted to pursue a career as a pastry chef. (one of the owners is a internationally known Master Pastry chef). Side note: We have been looking into schools and actually have the paper work on her desk for the Culinary Institute of America or Johnson and Wales culinary arts institute. Anyway, with it coming up on the holidays, the bakeries busiest time, they asked Sara if she would be interested in helping out. She jumped on it. They have been training her her and putting her through the paces. Most days she is working 12-13 hours a day. Today she calls me and tells me that the owners called her to their office, and have offered to train her exclusively for 3 years, then they will help her pursue her Master Pastry Chef title. They said they had been watching her the past couple of weeks and they rarely have seen a young person who is so eager to learn, who has no problem with long hours and never complains. She will be the 3rd person that they have ever taken to train in all the years they have been in the industry. So needless to say I'm pretty excited.

Of course I have doggie news. My little 16 month old baby, Gunther the Great Dane. Had his 1 year check up yesterday and the vet said Gunther was in excellent health. He is weighing 120 lbs and is 35 inches at the shoulds. The vet couldn't say enough good things about him. Gun-man was a total charmer the whole time. He even got special attention from the vet tech's.

I also have a son, (and right now I'm feeling strange because I have no super news about him) but right now he is laying low studying. I am so grateful for that. LOL.

Lastly, my news. Yesterday morning at 5:50am I fell outside. My Birkenstocks went in a direction that wasn't agreeable to the rest of my body. I fell, landing my full weight on my right knee, actually just a hair under the knee cap. My knee and the corner of the concrete slap patio I have had a sudden attraction. I broke a chunk of concrete about 2" wide off the slab. Anyway, I won't describe the pain, nor show you the pictures but lets just natural 11 hours of child birth felt better. Sara and GT heard me fall came outside and helped me up. I got the ice, got my butt in the PT Cruiser and took Sara to work. Yup, crying all the way. I came home, GT came out helped into the house, I propped it up, more ice and stayed on the couch nearly all day. And by the way, I will never have another house that has levels. All the bathrooms are upstairs. Not fun when you can't walk. No accidents thank heavens. LOL. Today it's doing better. The swelling is down some, but the pretty colors are more intense. I have noticed too that other parts of me are hurting so I must have twisted somewhere between standing and landing. (hurtful smile).

So now you have it, consider yourself fully updated on my life and the life of my kids. LOL.


Knit Diva said...

Congrats to your Daughter!!! That is something to be proud of... What an honor... Gunther is so adorable!!!

I hope you are doing better... While you are resting that knee, have something warm to drink and start knitting away.. Take care of yourself. Ü

Diana said...

Congrats to Sara... she is awesome!!!! And Gunther grew like a wild weed.

I hope you feel better. If you can take ibuprofen, take 800 mg three times a day, and it should help with the muscle aches and pains (inflammation). Hope you heel quickly!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is great news about your daughter! What an honour!
Glad to hear about Gunther's good checkup.
Good luck on exams to your son,

And OUCH! I hate doctors too, but knees are kinds of important things and you don't want to do permant damage. Get thee to thy physician!