Smoky Mountain Colors

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On my mind

This summer has been a blur. Time has flown by and I find myself with some regrets of missed time that I can't get back. You know how sometimes the merry-go-round just won't stop. Well my merry-go-round hasn't stopped but it's slowing down and all it took was a wonderful two hour private knitting lesson with one of my students.

For a change she had invited me over to her house. We usually meet at a public cafe. But she has joined the ranks of felters now and just needed a little help. Her home is wonderful. You feel like you are home and not a guest from the minute you walk in the door. Her home is surrounded by beautiful trees and natural landscaping. The leaves on the top of the trees around her area are just starting to change a little, but you can feel Fall all around you. With the smell of coffee in the air, I sat down and we knitted, felted and talked for not just her 2 hour class but 30 more minutes about quilting. LOL. It was an amazing time. We laughed we shared stories and when I left I was relaxed and felt like someone had removed the weight of the world off my shoulders. I had slowed down long enough to smell the air, feel the breeze on my skin and reconnect with the natural things that seem to center me. It felt good.

It also felt good to open the windows last night and turn off the air conditioner. I love to have the windows open when I sleep.

So that's what's on my mind this morning and I'm now off to find natural fibers for inspiration on my next project.

May your day be filled with all that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.


Knit Diva said...

OHHH!!! I have felt the same way. Summer is always hectic but when the days become shorter and the crisp air moves in, my body can actually slow down.. Knitting and reading have been on my agenda... WOOHOO!!!! Ü

ErLeCa said...

That's always how I feel when fall starts coming. Something about the weather turning colder that just reminds me to slow down a bit.