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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Slight delay

Ok, sorry, I felted the bag on Monday as planned, but then "life" broke loose. Yes, the good, the bad and the ugly were all at my house this week. I think the topper of it all was the nearly 12 hours with no power and 100 humid degree GA heat. But, enough of that. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm planning on a fun relaxed day of knitting, cold drinks and good times.

So here's my Vintage Bubble Bag. I'm actually happy with how it turned out. I need to dampen it a little and do some more shaping. (my bags never shape like the pictures) I purchased the lining for it at Hobby Lobby, Monday night and will probably get it in over the weekend. I also have a snap closure to put in and to decorate the outside a little. But, I like the size, I like the handles, I just really like how the bag feels. So this pattern will be made up again.

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Diana said...

I absolutely love that bag. Is the pattern a freebie or from a book?

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Wow!! GREAT Bag!!! Sorry about the loss of power....and just why is that the power company doesn't "comp" us in some way when there is a loss of power during extreme heat or cold?!!

Dood said...

Love the bag... where do I find the pattern?

Anonymous said...

The bag turned out great!!!.. I am so sorry about the power outage.. I soooo know what your going through..It SUCKS A BIG TOE!!..
Stay cool and stay calm..

I have the Pursenalities, and Plus.. hmm might have to check out making that bag if I ever finish the knitting tote *groans*

Cathy said...

Cute bag! I need to try this felting thing.