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Monday, August 07, 2006


Last night I finished this hand towel. It doesn't look it's size in this picture, but this is the best one to show the pattern. It's a wonderful quick pattern that I got from my knitting calendar. I've wrote the woman asking her permission to put it in the newsletter. I really want to be careful of Copyright laws. Anyway, pattern was fun to make and I was really surprised at how fast I was finished.

Now for the bag. In the previous post I had a picture from the book Pursenalities of the bag I'm working on. Well here it is before felting. I have about 3 more inches of I-cord to do on the handle and I'll be felting it this afternoon. I had purchased some beautiful beaded handles for it, and when I got home and laid them out with the bag they looked terrible. (this means I have to make a bad to goes with these new handles.) Tomorrow I should have the finished product pictures. I sure hope this turns out cute.

So cross your fingers I'm off to finish the handles and felt! Posted by Picasa

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ErLeCa said...

I think that bag is going to look great once it's felted!