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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Fluted Banister Socks by Laura Gallagher

I've started the next pair. The other day I found a really nice pattern on the internet. Fluted Banister Socks. She has several different sizes and different gauges. You'll like it. I decided that with a couple little changes (rounder toes and rounder heel) I would use my Sockotta and jump right in. So here starts the next sock adventure.

Now I have one complaint. I have used Plymouth yarns SEVERAL times and never ran into this. On the second row after the cast on, I came to a tied knot in the yarn. YUCK. I've never had that happen before with them. So I cut the knot out and kept on going. Just a little irritated at their surprise for me. ;-) Posted by Picasa


PlumpKnitter said...

Yeah Yeah dont get me started on knots in the yarn.. nothing pisses me off worse than coming to a knot..I tend to stay toward the cheaper yarns and it seems to me there is always a knot somewhere..*sighs*

Love the sock yarn by the way.. I'm gonna check out this pattern.

Cathy said...

All your socks look awesome! Thanks for the link to the free sock pattern! I'm sure I could go for a very long time and never have to buy a knitting pattern (thanks to bloggers like yourself). I would have to say that at the moment I'm a seasonal knitter. I'm knitting and planning on knitting things that are "summery" for a few months. But I'll probably pick up some fall knits come September. Maybe when my handknit collection gets full I'll just start picking up whatever project strikes my fancy no matter what the season.

Diana said...

Thanks for the link! I get so darn irritated when I come to a knot in the yarn, especially if it is an expensive yarn.

jackie said...

I hate it when knots happen. I especially hate it when I am making a warp for weaving. Thanks for the sock link.

ErLeCa said...

It such a pain when that happens, especially when it's in a not-so-convenient spot!