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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What have I been up to?

It seems like I haven't had a moments rest in days. So I was thinking that maybe if I sat down with a latte and blogged a little I'd feel better. So here we go. I'll let you know if this helps. LOL.

The newsletter got out, but it's not quiet what I was wanting for the first one. I had contacted 5 different ladies who have wonderful patterns that I needed their permission to put their patterns in the newsletter. NO RESPONSE. Not even a screw you get lost. So I changed that to opening it up for submissions of patterns. I am hoping that by the next one I'll have several patterns to publish. But, the newsletter is ok. I've all ready started working on the next one. LOL.

Speaking of getting started. There are some knitting deadlines I have now. The baby blanket that I started awhile back and have gotten interested in again, is going to be given as a gift at a June 3rd baby shower. I have about 12" or so done. I'm also making matching booties to go a long with it. (cross your fingers that I get it done). The Penelope Blouse, well, I'm concerned about it. I am working on the bottom lace edge and if I do as many repeats as the pattern calls for it will be huge on me. The yarn is beautiful but a little on the heavy side so I don't want it to be not only too big around but go from a blouse to a tunic. LOL. On top of all that I started another bag, this one is a backpack (go figure) and of course I still have to start my Ohhh Bag Me, bag for the month of May. Am I crazy or what? I guess somewhere in my head I must be thinking that if I keep starting these projects I'll find one that kind of gets me out of the knitting blah (or funk as Diana puts it).

Monday night was my first combined class where I have knitting and crochet going on at the same time. It was a lot of fun. Two of my knitting students cracked me up, by sitting on one side of the class and working on their knitting then about half way through they put hats on and ran over to the side where I had the crochet going on and acted like totally new students that I had never met. We laughed ourselves silly.

So, there we are. I'm pretty much updated and will have pictures soon of all this. Do I feel better. Sort of, through the writing I realize just how crazy I am. LOL.

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Diana said...

I think the newsletter was great! I'm sure you will have some additional patterns soon. And remember.... Rome wasn't built in a day.