Smoky Mountain Colors

Sunday, April 30, 2006


This is my April bag for Ohh Bag Me. This evening I plan on finishing the beads on the fringe. It didn't turn out totally the way I wanted it, but it will be nice after the bead work is done. More than likely I'll use it for Knit/Felting demos.

Speaking of demo. My demo at Hobby Lobby was interesting. For some reason it was "nail Sandra" day. (no one told me, and I didn't get the memo.) There are some ignorant, hostile woman out there. While driving home I was so grateful that I wasn't related to any of the woman who felt the need to share their rude and evil opinions, who felt challenged by my knitting and crochet work or got upset with me because I wasn't interested it purchasing their tonics to loose weight. LOL. Posted by Picasa


Diana said...

That bag is groovy.

Mean and evil women? I run into them every single day. I think that's why I love men so much.

Anonymous said... i said before i absolutely love the bag i think the fringe and beads are perfect!!! And well some people really need to get that stick removed from their asses..It would make for a whole happier world *lol*

jackie said...

Don't let the crazies get you down. If all else fails, you could beat them with your new bag. Especially after the beads are on. Then it will work like a cat-o-nine tail/bag.

ErLeCa said...

Very cute bag. I just read your post about your aunt passing away from smoking and I have to say I agree with you. Two of my grandparents I watched slowly waste away from various diseases related to smoking and it's so hard because you knew it could have been prevented...