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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day Weekend

My kids decided that this year Mother's Day would be celebrated from Friday night at 5pm till midnight Sunday night. So yesterday I went out to work in my garden and seen the first bloom on my Magnolia tree for the season. It smells wonderful and was a great way to start the day.

Then when I picked Sara up from work she had a surprise in a big white bakery box. An Expresso cake. It's a multi layered cake made with expresso. It may be the best cake I have ever tasted. I thought that it would be surper rich, oh no, it's perfect. Very light, you can taste the chocolate, the expresso it's perfect. Then there are the little expresso beans that are on the icing. Soooo good, and that is chocolate and ground expresso around the side. I'm in heaven. (as soon as this cake is gone, the diet starts). LOL

To back track a little on Thursday my cell phone died. It was unexpected and so I had to get a new one and get it fast. My cell is my main phone, so I needed it for busienss bigtime! We use the Virgin Mobile, pay as you go service, so I went looking at the new Virgin phones and found this one. It does all kinds of stuff. I all ready have downloaded new ringtones and a Texas Hold Em game. (which I find myself playing stead of knitting, shame on me.) The cool thing about this phone is the picture below. It opens up to a real keyboard where I can email and text message. So now, I can get online, check my email and answer them while out and about.

So now, knitting news. I'm am proud to say that I'm making some progress on the baby blanket. Finally I actually believe that I will have it done by June 3rd. There are several things I want to start but I'm holding myself in check until I finish this blanket. I'll have some pictures of the progess in the next day or so.

I heard from Lion Brand's Instructor program. It's pretty well orgainized and set up so that even the business end of it runs smooth. We'll see how it goes. I told my knitting students about it, and since they all are familar with Lion Brands yarn they thought it was a good idea.

My friend Betty that was going to move away, told me that they are staying in Georgia. They decided that they like it here and so I'm pretty excited about it. She will be moving to the other side of Atlanta, but we'll still be able to visit, IM and meet up to knit.

So that' been my couple of days. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day and gets to knit a lot.

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Diana said...

That's wonderful that Betty will be staying in Georgia. Let the good times roll....

Hope your Mother's Day was great!

jackie said...

"Mother's weekend", I like the sound of that. The cake looks wonderful. And lastly, nice magnolia.

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