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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Felted Bowl

Ok, here is what I do with left over wool. LOL. The other day my friend suggested that while I was in a little bit of a funk that I start on another vase. Well it started out that way and by the time I finished the bottom I decided to again, follow a different path and see what happened. About half way through it I got an idea for the finished project and here it is. I felted it tonight after the dog show.

Non-Knitting News: The dog show. It seems that after 2 days of talking, walking, talking, watching, talking, etc with "dog show people" Gunther has too much white on him to show, but the good news is that several breeders are interested in him for their girls, if you know what I mean. ;-) His pedigree is awesome and that's what they are interested in. One man told me, that Gunther was perfect in everyway but the white is too much. Ok, that's cool, there is a ton of obedience things I can do with him to keep him busy, in shape and happy. Now I'm just tired and want to sit and knit.

I hope you had a fun weekend,
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jackie said...

I like the bowl! I like it a lot!!!!

Too bad about the white on Gunther. I had to look at him again to see what the "too much white " people were talking about because he looked pretty dark to me. I guess that there is a very fine line between just right and too much. Seems strange to me because he looks like a truly beautiful dog.

Melissa said...

Gunther is still totally adorable and will probably enjoy making babies more than the dog shows anyway.

PlumpKnitter said...

OMG this is hilarious.. check out my vase on my blog!!!.. I started out knitting a purse and ended up with a VASE!!! with a ruffled edge just like your bowl..I need to make that bowl.. how funny.