Smoky Mountain Colors

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mindful Knitting Retreat

I wanna go!

This morning has been kind of dumpy. I won't bore you with the details but it's been crappy. So I checked my email to get away from things and found I had a Knitter's Review newsletter. I really like getting these. My favorite part is going to the web site and taking the Poll. (ok, it's the little kid in me I'm allowed to have a few childish moments) anyway, this one is a review about the Mindful Knitting Retreat, that I had just heard about from a friend of mine. I hand pretty much decided that I wanted to go next year, and then I read the review and I definitely want to go. What great timing. There are also a couple of links on the Review that give more information about the Retreat. It is conducted by Tara Jon Manning, who wrote, Mindful Knitting and Compassionate Knitting. Too bad I missed this one, I could use a few days of a spiritual knitting retreat. I'm feeling off center, like I'm one step out of sync. I'd blame it on PMS, but those days are over. LOL.


ErLeCa said...

I know that off feeling. I like to blame it on the weather!

Diana said...

I would love to attend a knitting retreat. Now for the yoga.... I better start limbering up now so the world doesn't hear my joints snap, crackle and pop!