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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

All Finished

For some reason I had a terrible time posting yesterday, so hopefully today will be better.

As you can see the bag is all done. (jumping up and down with joy) I had to made a few changes to the pattern but it all turned out. The first change was adding a single strand, 3 stitch, I-cord bind off to the opening edge. 2. the grommets didn't work out so I just ran the handles thru and sewn them. 3. Since it looked so plain without the grommets, I got the Embellish Knit out and made a long green cord and felted it, to wrap around the seams on each handle and sew them together. I wasn't sure how I was going to like it but I love it.

My next bag, which I've decided to call the "super huge" Booga bag is coming along. The pattern calls for a cast on of 34 stitches. That was going to end up too small for what I want it for, so I started with a cast on of 70. LOL. Before you ask if I had been drinking the answer is no, not at that time. LOL. I just love the shape of the Booga bag, but need it to be bigger. You know I can't remember the last time I followed a pattern exactly they way it was written. ;-)

Hope all is well and wishing you lovely weather and hours of joyful knitting
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Noeysmommy said...

How pretty! I love your bag!

PlumpKnitter said...

yes it turned out great!! i do love the colors...hmm so you added more stitches to the booga bag.. you are brave!!! *lol*.. I have my next bag picked out but I think I will let it be a suprise hehehhe

Diana said...

I am in love with your bag. I have to say that out of all the felted bags I've seen (and made), I love yours the best. The colors are awesome and I just love the striping and the handles.

Are you sure you didn't have a glass of wine before casting on for the "super huge Booga bag?"

Diana said...

Oh, and the weather this morning.... I woke up to snow!

Satori said...

Thank you for the nice comments about the purple and green bag. You guys are just what my knitting ego needs. ;-)

jackie said...

VERY nice bag! Good stripes and good colours. And I like the little green thingies on the handle

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Love the purple/green bag!! Can you tell me how you made the green part on the handle? Love that look!