Smoky Mountain Colors

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Bag

Last night at Hobby Lobby after my class I walked past the area where they have all the supplies for making bags. And there I found the handles for my bag. The photos aren't really good, but I wanted to get them up on the blog. I used some yarn from my stash. I tried something, since I had a little of the "Surf N Turf" left from the multidirectional scarf I did 3 rows with it just to add a little color. I kind of wish now I hadn't but, what they hell, my next one I'll do different. That's what is great about knitting. Every time you make something it's always new and original.

Now the funny thing is if you remember the whole reason I made the bag was because one of my cats projectile vomited in my purse, on my purse, table, chair, floor, etc. WELL while I am taking pictures of my knitted bag, another one of my little darlings came over to check it out. I'm sure they are making plans for this bag as I write. I'm guessing it's pay back for bringing Gunther into the house. They liked him when he was small. LOL.


Cathy said...

That's a neat bag design! The handles go perfectly, I think. Yeah, that cat is totally planning something evil. Better clean the kitty box.

Knit Diva said...

I love it!!!! The Bag pattern is unique... Is it in one of your knitting books? I love the surf and turf TLC yarn.. I found some more of that yarn at JoAnn's the other day... A couple of rows of that gave it a little splash of color...hehe

The kitty is pretty too... It almost looks like they both belong...LOL!!!! Ü

PlumpKnitter said...

I knitted that bag!!!! Isnt it great I did mine out of powder blue though.. I have that book as well *lol* I love bag books.. I love my pursenalities book the best though felt felt felt..

Great job!!!

Oh did you see Underworld 2 yet?