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Monday, December 05, 2005

Knitting, Busy Stuff, Knitting, Busy Stuff, Knitting ...

Here in the Atlanta area we have had some strange weather, hot but rainy, then cold and rainy, I miss the warm and rainy. But no matter what the weather it's always a good time to knit. This morning I got a call from a lady who is wanting private lessons, so now I have three current private students. (I love those because we meet at the cafe and have coffee and knit.) Tonight is my class. I have no idea how many will show up. With it being December I am not going to be surprised if the numbers are low. We have 3 classes this month, then I'll start back up the 2nd Monday in Jan. (ok, that sounds weird, January is almost here).

I've been getting some knitting taken care of. Nothing new, just a few rows here and there. The solid socks I'm working on got some attention over the weekend. One of the things holding me up was deciding what pattern I wanted to do out of the book Sensational Knitted Socks . I'm doing the Baby Cable Rib on page 37. One of the reasons I picked that pattern was because I didn't want to stray away too far from keeping socks a traveling project. If I had chose a pattern too detailed then it would be a stay at home project. I also was looking for a pattern that would have a little texture, some shadow and look more complicated than it really is. (just being honest). The other socks I have on needles (2 circulars) are progressing. I'm on the heel of the second sock. I'm still in a love hate relationship with the 2 circulars. My whole purpose for learning to do socks on circulars was so I could knit 2 at the same time. I still have to try that before I totally go back to only doing socks on double points. And last but not least, the baby sweater I'm making for my cousin's baby is now ready to start the decreases. SSSSSSSOOOOOO, progress is being made it just doesn't seem like it. (that's usually when a lot is getting done) Ok, we are updated and all is well. ;-)

Oh before I forget, I got my Secret Santa yesterday. I am so excited about it. I just missed by one day the Secret Pal, and that bummed me out. So when I seen Plumpy Knits had the Secret Santa going on I had to jump in. I'll have my surprise ready to send out by Friday. Next week 13th - 18th I'll be in TN. visiting mom.

Blessed Be


Dood said...

sure sound busy enough. living in the south what knitted items do you share with friends or have need of? scarves..come to mind.

Diana said...

I'm glad your knitting lessons are going great.

Right about now, I would take cold and rainy over snowy. We have a couple inches of snow on the ground right now and are expecting more snow tomorrow. I just love to knit when it's rainy or snowy, and of course I love to knit when it's sunny too!