Smoky Mountain Colors

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Just for the hell of it

For some strange reason today, could be the weather, could be just crazy ole me, but I started another pair of socks. I got inspired. The pattern that I'm using for my solid socks KAL, I thought would look pretty in a heavier yarn. So, out came the size 6 double points, a couple of skeins of Wool Ease (it's the white with the gold thread through it) and after a 40 stitch cast on, here we are. What do you think? I'm thinking that they will be nice and warm to wear on Christmas day while I bust my ass cooking. lol. Posted by Picasa


Knit Diva said...

They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They definitely look like they will keep your tootsies warm...hehe

LeAnne said...

Those are SO PRETTY. Inspiring too, dangit.

Dood said...

wow they are pretty! you sure are a fast knitter..

Diana said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Have fun busting your buns in the kitchen Christmas. I always complained about that, but this Christmas I have to work 7-3, so Mr. Effer will be busting his ass!

Once again, those socks are beautiful!!!