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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Modular Knits by Iris Schreier

A few weeks back I posted my list of items that I wanted to knit as gifts. Figuring that if I started now planning and making a few things here and there, when the holiday season rolled in I'd finally be prepared. Then I found a free scarf pattern on the internet for Multidirectional knitting. Starting that pattern got my creative juices flowing and it's so much fun to knit that I ordered the book above and joined the Modular Knitting Yahoo Group (link to the group can be found by scrolling down to the Yahoo link on the sidebar) The free scarf pattern Iris offers, starts out a little different than the other pattern but the effect is the same. Well my book came and I can't wait to start some of the project in there. And the great part is that some of them will fit into the general gift list that I made up. There are patterns for ALL levels of knitters. The instructions are clear, but if you have a question you can go to the message board and find the answer or post a message and Iris will answer the question herself. If you are like me and love to make shawls, there is one in particular in the book that is gorgeous. I may actually splurge on the yarn for this one! So if you are in a rut or ready to try something new with your knitting I suggested getting a copy of this book. (scroll down and click on the Amazon link, any money made from the book sales go directly to the Humane Society).

Ok that's my pitch for the day. Gunther is doing great. My two multidirectional scarves are coming along, and I started a new pair of basic socks today from some yarn my mom sent me. (my life in a nutshell). LOL

Have a great Sunday,
Blessed Be


Sarah at Advancing the Plot said...

Can you share the location of the free pattern? This looks interesting. Might be the middle ground between the look of crochet but knitted that I am seeking. I love the look of granny squares but learning how to crochet is just not on the agenda. Enjoy reading your blog, Sarah

Satori said...

Sure, if you go to this link, and introduce yourself, Iris will email you the first free pattern. When you are finished if you post a photo of your scarf, she will then email you another free pattern.

Have a great evening,