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Monday, August 01, 2005

Kiri Shawl I Started The Edging and other stuff

Can you believe it? I can't. Last night the edging began. It's going pretty smoothly (did I just jinx it?) Anyway, I am pretty close to being on schedule to when I wanted to finish it. We are leaving for the reunion on the 11th, the actual reunion is on the 13th. Then I hope to be home on the 15th. I'll take photos of the person who wins the shawl in the auction and post them here and on my web site.

The footie is about done also. I can't wait to finish it up so I can start on MORE socks. LOL. Jo Ann's had a ton of their yarn marked down, I mean really marked down. So yesterday I dove in. I am planning on knitting my daughter and some of her friends, Halloween socks so I was pretty happy when I seen that they had a lot of black and orange cotton marked down. I also picked up some orange "wiggles" yarn. I have no idea what I will do with those two skeins, but they looked cute. I got 4 skeins of Cara Mia TLC, I had to get that because it felt so good.

While at Jo Ann's I was asked by a girl, I'd say in her mid 20's for help in picking a yarn because she wanted to learn how to knit. So I got to help her out. That was so much fun. I talked with her this morning and we are going to meet up this week because she has some questions. Very Cool.

Friday night at coffee, the lady (Dot) I had written about earlier showed up with some of her knitting. Her socks were breath taking. Very detailed intarsia work. She explained a little bit of the history behind each of the socks she brought, and I was in heaven. Before I knew it, we had talked 2 hours. She wants to see some of my work. Compared to her's I'm a little hesitant.

Off to do more edging...

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