Smoky Mountain Colors

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Never Get Too Excited. . .

Since Wednesday I have been doing A LOT of knitting. I realized that time was getting short on finishing the Kiri shawl, so I have really buckled down and have gotten to the last set of repeats. This is where you shouldn't get too excited about almost being done. It seems that since I started this last section, that if it could go wrong, IT FREAKIN' WILL! I cannot begin to explain how badly I hate taking out rows filled with yarn overs (YO's) But, I believe now I have it come to a place where the shawl and I can agree and things will be ok. The good thing about this is when I get crazy with frustration, I pick up my sock project and can soothe my pissed off inner child. I have one sock done and the other is about ready for the heel turn.

My weekend goals, relax, knit, enjoy a good bottle of wine and a nice dinner.


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