Smoky Mountain Colors

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Everything was off the needles

I realized when I sat down to knit that all my projects were finished, so I ran to the stash. LOL. I found a skein of Magic Stripes yarn and started just a basic pair of socks to give away. Then I thought that I would go nuts with the round and round and round of ribbing, so I gathered the left over lace weight yarn I have and started a scarf by Heartstrings for my mother. Pictures coming soon.

By the way, Friday I picked out my "little guy." (photo below) .Today we picked up Fred's ashes. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. Thank heavens I have my kids and my knitting. They all keep my mind occupied.



Kimberly said...

What a cute little new addition to your family Gunther will be! He might be little now, but just wait! One small horse will soon be living with you!

Satori said...

Kimberly, He is cute isn't he? He is one of 14 puppies. There are 5 boys and he looks the closes to his dad. By the way his dad weighs 170 and his grand dad weighs almost 200. I have known this breeder and his girlfriend for many years and about 3 years ago they asked me if I would be interested in a puppy, if they ever decided to breed. I said of course because their dogs are beautiful and the behaviour perfect, so here I am waiting on my little boy.

Have a great day,

Diana said...

He's absolutely adorable. He's so tiny right now, but just wait...