Smoky Mountain Colors

Friday, July 15, 2005

She Did It

My daughter has graduated from home school High. The state of Georgia and released her from their watch, stating that she excelled in all her subject and achieved more than what was required by the state.

Now she wants to work, save up and head off to college. I am so proud of the woman she is turning out to be. Independent, self motivated, sets her goals and achieves them and yet keeps this wonderful human side balanced by her spirituality. She's pretty cool.


Noeysmommy said...

Congratulations to your daughter! Also wanted to tell you your shawl is turning out beautiful!

Satori said...

Thank you so much, I will pass the congratulations on to Sara.

Have you knitted this shawl? The more rows I do the more I like it. This morning at coffee I was thinking about what other yarn I will use on the next one. LOL.

Have a great weekend,

Noeysmommy said...

No, I haven't made that shawl. The only shawl I've made is the Feather and Fan comfort shawl. I ordered a pattern for an eyelet shawl.