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Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm Out Of My Mind

This morning has been perfect. A hot cup of coffee, breakfast bar and knitting. Plus the house is still quiet. The joy of summer in my house is that the kids sleep in. Since during school we always got up at 6:30am. Anyway, the only noises are the cats having their delicious breakfast and my knitting needles. Then suddenly I look and some of my stitches have came off needle 3. ( I'm on the toe decreases for the last footie). And it is at this moment that I realize I have lost my mind. Here is the reason, I caught myself talking to the dropped stitches as I am trying to get them back on the needle. When you are begging a stitch not to drop down any further but to please get back on the needle and to cooperate you have either entered a "special" place for knitters or you've just lost your mind. Since it's Monday morning I'm voting for the lost mind. I hope that there are others that do this or I will be a very lonely nut case. ;-)


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Diana said...

I think talking to stitches is normal for knitters. You really are in deep psychiatric trouble when you hear the stitches talk to you!