Smoky Mountain Colors

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Triangle Within Triangle Shawl

I haven't reported anything on the progress of the "reunion" shawl so it's time for a report. I got to row 59 and realized that something wasn't looking right. Though the triangles were lining up, the center of the shawl was off. So guess what. I took it all out, started from the beginning and now everything is going so well. I guess when I unraveled it, the nerves and pressure went too, because I'm getting a lot more done and I am definitely more comfortable with it. Another life lesson for me, one that you would think I would have gotten by now STOP the pressure and just have fun with it. Enjoy the knitting, the yarn, the needles, and especially the process. The final product will come soon enough. Don't get all caught up in the end result, relax and let what you are doing right now flow.

Blessed Be


Katie said...

I would love to see a picture of this project.
I live ourside of atlanta and I have a shop where I sell my hand dyed cotton and recycled yarn.
Check out the colors of the cotton on my BLOG.

Satori said...

Thanks for the comment. As soon as I get back to GA. I'll get some progress photos posted.

Have a great day,