Smoky Mountain Colors

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Running to my knitting

Today I am thankful that I learned how to knit, and I am thankful to all those who taught their daughters and sons to knit because they too have something that can bring them peace. A gift that brings tranquility and detachment at times. Of course there is the other side where knitting has brought people together who would have never met before and created friendship and bonds that will last a lifetime. But today I can run to my knitting and dive head first in the yarn. I can feel the bamboo needles in my hands and create a private place to loose myself. Knitting gives me the time to quiet my mind and listen to my spirit. It gives me time I need to release the artist that hides within. I hope to never take my knitting for granted. It gives to me on so many levels. Knitting is a gift that will bring countless gifts.

Blessed Be,

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