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Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm Have Reached Nirvana

Since the yarn came I have been winding away. Now it's all in pretty balls waiting to be used. Yesterday I actually made a swatch. Not something that I like to do because patience sometimes leaves me. But, since this is important I "swatched." The swatch turned out just the way it was suppose to so I got started. I just finished row 21. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to like double stranding this shawl, but I actually like how it's going so far.

About the pattern. It became real clear that my eyes were going to get tired quickly and reading the symbols was going to be difficult, so I scanned the pattern and pulled it up on my graphic program. (if you have photoshop or paintshop pro or any graphic program on your computer that reads jpeg graphics you can do this too). Once I got the picture up, I zoomed the view till it filled my screen and then was able to move the cursor along the row, stitch by stitch. Not only could it see it better without the eye strain, it was a lot easier to keep my place. I know not everyone knits by there computer so if the pattern chart is too small and you need it bigger. Then just resize the graphic and you can even color code while you are in the graphic program. Print it out and then head for your favorite knitting chair. Speaking of my favorite knitting chair. I have to admit I have two, my chair in the bay window and my computer chair that I do all my work from.

So that's the update. Tomorrow I know that I will have to put the knitting down and get back into the work mode, but until then I will be knitting, drinking coffee, and smiling a lot.

Blessed Be,

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