Smoky Mountain Colors

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ripped It Out

Have you ever started a project and just didn't like how it was turning out, it just wasn't doing anything for you as you watched it grow, row by row? Well, that happened to me last night. I was working on the scrap shawl and just didn't like the row after row of the same thing, SSSSOOOOO off the needles it came. I actually felt better after the yarn was back in a nice ball.

This morning I was surfing around and found on a knitting stitch that I liked, The Turkish Stitch. So I am messing around with it now. I didn't care much for the look of the pattern they offer so I am changing it around a little. (Keeps me busy and out of trouble. LOL)

Soon there will be pictures.


Anonymous said...

Taggity tag! Please list your 10 favorite things :)

Satori said...

Hi, They are listed, thanks for the tag, Satori