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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Stuff, etc,

Today has been pretty laid back, of course there have been the things that I didn't expect crop up. (that is a daily given) I did receive an email that the new Knitty is published. There are so many things on that web site that I would love to make. And as usual this edition is filled with great stuff There are about 4 things that I would like to start on right now. LOL.

Between laundry loads I have been working on the next pair of "cheap" socks. I am still trying to figure out the mystery behind my facination with knitting socks. What is it about socks that are so much fun to make? If you have it figured out please leave a comment or email. I would love to hear from you.

The web site is coming a long. I worked on it this morning with the first cup of coffee. I won't tell you what cup I am on now. It's almost time to switch to a good glass of wine.

Next on my list is to go through all my stash and pick out what I want to use for the Head Huggers caps I want to make. I have a ton of left overs from all the boas that I made to sell for the holidays. so I want to match those colors up with so solids. If you aren't familiar with Head Huggers, please click on the link to their site that is in my side bar. It's a great program.

Blessed Be

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Anonymous said...

Also trying to figure out the socks. I like them 'cause they're portable. They're also somewhat cheap - I can actually afford quality/slightly higher end yarn 'cause so little is used. I will also actually wear them, unlike sweaters or hats. I'm still fascinated by the shaping of the And then there's all the fun "sock" yarns..