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Friday, April 08, 2005

It's The WEEKEND!!!!!

I love the weekend. For me it starts Friday. Time to catch my breath, relax a little, knit and throw the schedule out the door.

Since Wednesday I have been working on a web site. I decided that since I have some free web space with my ISP I would create a Photo Gallery of my finished and in the process knitting. I hope to also catorgorize all my knitting links and have a whole page of organized knitting links for everyone. Anyway, it would have been nice if I had started photographing my work earlier. But most of my photos have been taken since October of 2004. Some of the items sold so fast that I didn't really have a chance to photograph them. But I do have some photos of my first socks I ever made and a lot of photos of the scarves and boas that I sold over the holidays. Now I still have to photograph the shawls. Anyway that's what has been taking up my time lately.

While making the web site I started another pair of simple socks. They are done on size 2 double points and I am using another skein of Magic Stripes from Lion Brand. This skein I found at Michaels for $2.00. It was their last one. By the way, they had Moda-Dea Sassy Stripes for $3.00. It looked like they were closing the self striping yarn out.

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