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Monday, April 04, 2005


Today I found another great Sock web site. ( It's added to list on the side bar. The resources on this site are amazing. The database of socks can be searched by size, yarn type, man, woman, child, etc. I believe that once you click on the Resources link you have to click again on Sock Patterns Galore.

Yesterday I started the mate to my magic stripe sock. Socks are so much fun. Today I have gotten a lot done on it. I am about into the 3rd round of decreases on the gussets.

When I was doing the ribbing for this sock, I was wondering, I tend to always go with the K2 P2 cuff. I guess it's just out of habit. what are some of the other cuffs that other knitters use and why? There is a sock pattern that I seen on the web site I mentioned above that has to be my next pair. The cuff so cool. Tomorrow I will get a link to the sock so you too can see it.

Till tomorrow

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