Smoky Mountain Colors

Thursday, March 31, 2005


Well I just finished the sock. (photo below) Now to start the other one. LOL. I have a great time working on socks. For some reason just having a project that you can sit down and knit a few rows on a small scale put it down, and the pick it back up when you need to feed that need to knit is so much fun. It's like taking a nibble of a chocolate cake.

One thing that was different about this sock than the others is that I usually use bamboo needles and here I used metal. At first it took a little getting use to because the yarn slides better on the metal, but what really took me a while to get use to is the sound of the needles. :-) But, I may invest in some larger metal double points for the other socks I make. They are more a combination of sock and slipper. Great to wear on rainy days. A friend of mine uses hers after she gets out of the shower and puts lotion on her feet then she puts on the heavier socks. She says her feet are the softest they have ever been and look the best.

So now that sock one is done, I think I will get busy on finishing up the comfort shawl. It's not far from getting finished. I will have to get some photos of the work in progress.

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