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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Dorset Batt,

When I began this Dorset journey I had no idea where it would lead. Dorset was a new fiber for me to learn about. I have to say that I really like it. As I have posted before I went back to a colorway that I used a long time ago, but this time I used Jacquard dyes and was very please with how everything turned out. In fact it took the dye amazingly well.
So then it was time to knit. Since I have read and been told that Dorset is great for socks, of course that was the direction I went. I just wanted to find out what everyone was talking about. So on size US 1.5 circulars the test started.
The knitting experience was different. The Dorset makes a very solid fabric, because it grabs and clings to the stitches beside it. That makes a warm sock. To make gauge I did have to adjust the tension in how I let the yarn run through my fingers. After that, it was smooth sailing. The stitches are defined, close together and exactly what I was hoping for. Now I don't know if I would wear these in the Summer, but anytime it was chilly or cold, a Dorset fiber sock would be the way to go.
I had planned on just knitting one sample sock, but after finishing the first one, and enjoying the sock and it's fit, the second sock is on the needles as we speak. :-)
So I'm encouraging you to try some Dorset, I have several 4 oz bundles in the Etsy shop waiting for you to enjoy.

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