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Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Life In One Word, CHANGE

It seems since I started this blog, oh so many years ago, the theme has always come around to  "change." So many changes in every area in my life and in the life of my family. Today is no different, and you may find yourself thinking the same thing.

Here I sit 3 years after a major decision to move from Atlanta, GA to Gatlinburg, TN. with all kinds of hopes and dreams, only to find that my journey had a way eliminating the foolishness and bringing me to a place where I'm on the verge of either falling off the cliff or falling into my dreams coming true. WOW, what a place to be in. (kind of a rush). The things that have come to pass, (and many I were glad they passed by.) have been so enlightening. Rough yes, enlightening Oh YES!

On August 21, I lost my job at Smoky Mountain Spinnery. A job that many of you know meant the world to me. I spent a lot of time on here promoting it. But, everything has a season and that season came to an abrupt end. I was immediately faced with choices. Here I was with a private life that was extremely demanding, health issues, care taking, and no money. I made a decision within 15 minutes of leaving that job, while sitting in the parking lot of the apartment complex I live in, that when I stepped out of the car it would be the beginning of the next chapter of my life. That I would not compromise, I would not be weak, I would not have time for anger, I would not have time to do anything that got in the way of what the next season of my life would bring. Stay positive, see the future as blank pages to write an amazing life and be true to myself. I learned about myself, that all my life I have not spoke up for myself, I have not promoted my gifts and talents  as I should and I have been content to stay in the back ground, waiting for someone to say, hey you are really talented, I love what you are doing, etc., while really wanting to be in business, to promote my talents and the share my love for what I do with others. I learned I have to appreciate my talents and gifts first, if others are going to. (among other things, which I will share in the future).

So in short, out of this evolves a co-op called Smoky Mountain Colors. With the support and encouragement of wonderful friends who aren't afraid to be real friends and are also amazing fiber artists we have developed an Etsy shop.  This Etsy shop brings together other fiber artists who are wanting a break. Wanting to get their one-of-a-kind, hand-made items out to be seen and purchased. We are spinners, knitters, hand dyers, potters, fiber prep and weavers. How amazing is that?  Please stop and take look we have some beautiful items and extremely talented artist. And don't forget to put the shop in your Etsy Favorites.

So I am encouraging you today, to be true to yourself, make bold decisions, get over the fact that a lot of people will miss read you, that they don't really want to know you or "get you." Appreciate those in your life who do, be vulnerable to those who do. Remove the blinders, be real with yourself and step out, just go a head and do it. You may think everything will happen fast, don't worry, all of it will happen when it's suppose to. Believe it will.

If it means going out to your car, having a talk with yourself and then stepping out of the car to start your next chapter, to except the changes (remember that changes are neutral its the value we place on them that make them good or bad, it's our perspective that influences our thoughts and out come.) Then go out to your car and DO IT, just DO IT.  I dare you. :-)

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