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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Life of Change, A Life of Moving Forward

When I moved to Gatlinburg, almost 3 years ago now, like a child I was filled with dreams, and it never dawned on me that they couldn't or wouldn't come true. Some have, and some haven't (yet).  Sometimes when we are filled with these ideas, dreams and goals, we tend to not think about the journey that it will take to get there. In all honesty the road has been rough. Opportunities coming and going, juggling schedules, unexpected health issues, things I call life happening, serious life happening. But, on the other hand it's been interesting, emotional, taxing and lonely. All things that a personal, private journey should be. No one will ever be able to know exactly how one feels.  Just throwing that out there to think about.

Another change that's moving me forward is that a few friends of mine and I are opening an Etsy Shop. Amazing what wanting to pay your bills with do. :-) Actually I am very excited about this. I will be hand dyeing, hand spinning, and the other ladies involved will be natural dying and blending fibers and spinning also. We are calling the shop Smoky Mountain Colors. If you have ever seen the beautiful Smoky Mountains and the colors that are here you will understand. It's a very inspirational place to be. We are hoping to open our shop July 17th.  I will still be working at Smoky Mountain Spinnery as the hand dyer there and instructor.

So life is full, of good and bad, but it all moves us forward. It's important that we all move forward.

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