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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime in a Knitters World

It's been beautiful here in the Smoky Mountains. Spring has blessed us a little early with warm weather and beautiful views of the mountains. This weekend the Dogwoods have started to bloom and they have added just a touch of color to the mountain sides and along the road ways. This is truly a beautiful place to live.

It's also an amazing place to be involved in the Arts. Recently in the area there was the huge Quilt show that happens every year, and the Fiber Arts Festival in Townsend. Many of the attendees to these shows came to the Spinnery. We had customers from as far away as Massachusetts. It was a pleasure talking with them and finding out what the fiber world is like in their area.

On the home front, I have been really working on a schedule for weekly classes and a monthly workshop for the Spinnery. Right now here is a list of the weekly classes. (remember I don't have dates yet, that will be coming soon)
  • Knitting (right now I have a Beginning Knit class on Wednesday mornings 10am but if you are in town you are welcome to come.)
  • Knitting all levels
  • Continental Knitting
  • Magic Loop
  • Crochet for Knitters. (edging, yokes, trim, cast ons, etc)
  • Fair Isle (2 hand method)
  • Drop Spindle
  • Private Lessons
Workshops are going to be monthly. The April workshop will be the 14th, 1-3pm and the topic is LACE. I think Spring time shouts light lacy shawls and scarves, so I have a pattern that will be perfect. If you are in Gatlinburg on the 14th, please come and take the class it will be a lot of fun. Email me for further information.

Personally, I'm still living with what seems to be 100s of irons in the fire. But I'm coming to the belief that, this state I'm in is my "normal" I've always been a  person with a many things going on, that's why I've always been a knitter/spinner. It's my get away, my healing, my counselor, my therapy, my best friend at times. I'm truly blessed that I can be around it all the time. If being involved in with knitting, spinning, crafting, etc has done anything for you like it has me, you know what I'm talking about.  Now I'm finding that same feeling with designing. I'm currently working on a baby blanket that I'm going to call Celtic Butterfly. (Just have to get that Scottish touch in there LOL). The pattern is coming a long really well, and my goal is to have a couple of test knitters work with it by mid April. Cross your fingers.

I want to close out today with a thought.
Remember that there are always two sides to every story, before you come to a conclusion. This way you don't let other people form your opinions. You are one of a kind, so don't think like everyone else.

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