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Friday, December 19, 2008

My Knitting Students

I have to say that I'm truly blessed with some of the best knitting students in the world. They are great knitters and great women. Last night at one of my private lessons Victoria brought me a beautiful shinny green bag with a couple of goodies. Victoria is the same lady that when my mother had surgery in Aug. she fixed a huge bag of items that we would need while waiting at the hospital. She was right, we needed everything in that bag. It was perfect. And like that bag, her Christmas gifts were perfect.

Here are some pictures of the book she got me, well I have to share it with my daughter, but since it's my blog and she's my student it's my book. LOL. (just kidding) I've also picked out my first three projects I want to do. The hunt for the perfect yarn is on... Victoria, thank you again for the wonderful gifts and by the way, GT has the Starbucks gift card and wouldn't let me get a picture of it. I guess he's afraid I wouldn't share that either. hahahahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for that book..I love the projects in it. I keep telling myself to hold off to get it..*sigh sigh* after christmas..I am definately getting it *lol*