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Thursday, June 07, 2007


They were slow in coming, but here are some pictures finally. LOL. The only thing that I didn't get a picture of is a triangular shawl that I made and gave away as soon as it was finished.

This pictures is of the fair isle bag that I started back in the Spring. Since this picture was taken I've finished the purple flowers on it and started another color section. I really need to get this done because I'm in serious need of a new tote.

In my Thursday morning knitting class I have several woman making prayer shawls and lap blankets, well you know how I am. I got inspired and started one too. ;-) This is a pattern that I made up and will be a lap blanket for the grandfather of a friend of mine who is in an assisted living home. He's 90 years old.

Another inspiration from a student. I have to thank Bev for sharing with us one of her new knitting books she bought. In it, is this cute scarf pattern made from ribbon yarn. Well guess what I just happened to have in my stash for a few years. Yes, I said a few years. And I wondered what will I do with this stuff, well it's perfect for the scarf. By the way, you all know how I love patterns that look complicated but really are simple. This one is perfect. I am getting so many compliments on this project all ready. The only thing that I will change on the next one is the width. I think it's too wide. 27 stitches on size 10.5US to give you and idea of the width.

So there you have it. Oh and I do have some new sock yarn and plans on getting some summer socks going pretty soon.

It's nice to post some real knitting stuff instead of personal stuff. (smile)


Anonymous said...

wow all your projects look great!!.. I absolutely love the scarf I need the pattern it would make a great christmas gift. The lap blanket is a great idea for the elderly..I wanted to make my grandma one but she is no longer with us. And your fair isle bag can we say you have your needles full!! keep going girl

Hockey Mom said...

You have been busy! It all looks wonderful.

Before I was knitting, I made my grandfather a lap quilt for his 92nd birthday. He's still with us at 99.

Love the scarf.

Anonymous said...

Your projects look great. Love the design of the lap blanket. Are you going to post it? And the scarf is groovy.

Erin said...

I love the lap blanket, you're right it looks complicated but I bet it's not!