Smoky Mountain Colors

Monday, June 25, 2007


I promised pictures and here they are. Of course I have to start out with my furry son's ribbons. LOL. The one on the left is the place ribbon and the other one is the qualifying ribbon. Now for knitting. (grin)

Here is the finished ribbon scarf. I LOVE IT. But, you know the next one I make will have changes in it. First off it's too wide. For us Southern ladies, we don't want to do or wear anything that might make us "glisten" a little too much.
This ribbon yarn is heavy and will make you sweat like a pig. LOL. It's definitely not a scarf meant for warmth, but as an accessory, so when I get it all written out, it will be half the width and not quiet as long. It's a quick pattern and will make a great gift.

By the way, it's made on size 10's or 10 1/2's and I got the ribbon yarn at JoAnn's a long time ago. But I was in there the other day and seen that they have some really pretty ribbon yarns.

Now for more pretty stuff. I have always loved looking at the Recycled Himalaya Yarns. They are just so full of color and personality. So when Patternworks had their Recycled Rayon on sale I ordered 2 hanks. I have no idea what I'm going to make with them. But I have them now and just enjoy the colors.

And finally. I have a distant cousin that just had her first baby. A little boy. Some of you may recognize this yarn from a previous blanket, but I have enough left over to make this Fan and Feather baby blanket. Since the picture was taken I have gotten quiet a bit done on it and have about another quarter of work to do.

So there we are. We're caught up on knitting and we are caught up on Gunther. LOL. Oh one more thing. If you are a dog owner let me suggest to you a lady who makes Tugz for all size dogs. Rescue Me Tugz. She makes no money on her dog toys, all of it is donated to different dog rescues. For the month of June she is donating all her money to the Great Dane Club of the Mid South's Rescue. Our rescue needs the help, so if you can order a $3 or $5 tugz it would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

What a fun and colorful scarf!!! Congrats to Gunther. I hope his head doesn't get too big!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the ribbon scarf.. it would be perfect for missouri winters!! and the yarn is gorgeous and your baby blanket is adorable.. all that knitting I feel like a snail with my own!!