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Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Question For All You Spinners

I have been bitten by the spinning bug. We knew it was coming and the day has arrived. So I thought, who else better to ask about this, all my knitting and spinning friends. So here is some info that might better help you, help me.

1. I'm clearly a beginner, but it won't be long before I will want to advance and do more than basic spinning.
2. 98% of the time I am drawn to sport weight or DK weight yarn, so that's what I want to spin. (Sock yarn is a must)
3. Portable will be a must.
4. Reliability a must
5. I'm on a budget.
6. Is there one company better than others?
7. What are the odds on getting a used wheel at a descent price that isn't needing tons of work done to it?

Ok, that's a good start, I hope. I spent last night looking through Spin Off magazine and going to all the web sites listed and all the spinning wheel websites. I hit information over load. Then I realized there is nothing like personal experience, and you all have that experience. So lets go shopping for my first wheel. ;-)

Blessed Be


Mouse said...

I think that the best thing for someone considering the purchase of a wheel (which is a major expense) is to come to one of the Peachtree Hand Spinners Guild meetings and see some wheels in action and maybe get to play on some during a free spin.
That said.. everyone has their own opinions of brands & styles. When I look into buying another wheel - my money is on another Louet or the Ashford Joy.

Knit Witch said...

Hey! Someone on the socknitters group referred me to your blog as I live in Atlanta also. Nice work on your knitting! My husband actually wants to learn how to spin!! Lucky me!! :) Where do you take your classes for spinning? We have been looking around Atlanta for classes but haven't found anything yet. Thanks!

~ Brittany

jackie said...

I love my louet! It has bobbins big enough to be able to ply a full 8 oz of yarn! It is actually not MY wheel, but a loaner, but having said that, I'm going to buy a louet when I can. I have no desire to have a traditional type wheel. They seem to be too fiddly for my tasted, but I know people who love theirs. I think that going to a spinning meeting , or a fiber festival and seeing different wheels in action, is the best way to go.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with a previous response that you should go and try out as many wheels as possible. People will let you play. I love my Louet. She's a great gal. I can spin DK weight and sock yarn without a problem on her. But again, you should try out different wheels. I went to a fiber festival and tried out wheels before making my purchase.

Anonymous said...

I know about drop spindles.. but I am ready for a spinning wheel.. I'm in the same boat you are.. all the ones I like though are outrageously priced..I need a hand me down, or very very very cheap!! So let me know what you find