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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hurting, Knitting & WAY Behind

I'm here (aren't you thrilled?)

My kids are great, Gunther is great, my knee is horrible. I hate complaining, I know there are people out there suffering beyond anything that I can imagine, so all I am going to say about it, is my good knee is no longer a good knee. I'm still walking with a cane, and I have become a little grouchy. (hey I'm honest) LOL. You know when you don't feel good all the time and you are constantly trying to find ways to do things that don't hurt, it gets old, REAL OLD.

I started a mitten last night and got about 2 rows from finishing it and tried it on. It was pretty clear that the woman who wrote the patterns idea of woman's hand size and mine it quiet different. Actually it's about 3 inches different. I kept looking at it thinking surely it will be bigger than it looks. Nope. So I don't know what I'll do with it yet. I may just forget it and frog it all out. I'm just not in the mood now to make mittens.

Spinning. I haven't even had a chance to enjoy it yet. That is frustrating the hell out of me. Hockeymom sent me some great goodies, and everyday I look at hoping to have either the time to play or be in better mood so I'll be able to do it without going nuts. LOL. I know I won't hardly get to knit, spin, eat or whatever till Monday. The next three days are so packed mostly filled with have to stuff. So with that said. I am off here and on to the shower, well I'll get something to drink first, then the shower and onto bed. (thank heavens for the most comfortable bed in the world, LOL. I love my bed)

Good night and blessed be


Anonymous said...

My mom just underwent knee replacement surgery about two months ago. She's still in pain, some days better than others. The knee is probably one of the worst places on the body to injure since it hinders getting around. I hope yours starts to feel better soon!

Diana said...

There's nothing more comforting than your own bed. Well maybe that plus a cocktail or glass of wine! Hope you feel better soon!

BTW, I'm still working on my bag.... 22 more rounds and handles yet to be knitted.