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Friday, October 13, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ok, I did a dumb thing. Yesterday in the mail I received two hanks of Allhemp6 DK weight, and in my excitement. I unwrapped and started making yarn cakes, before I got pictures of how beautiful the yarn was in the box. The two colors I got was Sapphire and Pumpkin. I have never knitted with hemp before and so I got excited and started right away on the first project. They are little Soap Pouches to give for Christmas. I use soap, lotions and other goodies from Misty Mountain Soap Co (if you have a chance to order something from them, you will not be disappointed.) and plan on using their soap in the pouches.

It's Fall, everyone is doing socks, and so looking at the fantastic socks that you all are making inspired me to get off my butt and get back to the Fluted Banister socks I have on needles. I'm just about to do the toe on this one and hopefully I'll start the second one this weekend. I have to be honest here while I have the chance. (not that I'm dishonest, grin), but I spent a little more money on the sock yarn I am using than I usually do. I was under the impression that this yarn was "something special" because of the company that makes it. Guess what, I'm not that impressed. My only hope with this yarn is that it lasts a long time and is durable. Ok, I feel better with that said. If you want to know what yarn it is, email me personally.

And last but not least. My Here and There Cable scarf. It's coming a long. I mostly work on it here at the computer desk. It is a great pattern and I'm enjoying the whole process of knitting it. If you want some unconventional cables, then this is the scarf for you! Posted by Picasa


Cathy said...

It's sock-knittin' time! Your's are looking lovely, of course. And I really like how the scarf if coming along. The yarn looks sooo soft!

Anonymous said...

I really love that scarf. It looks like a lot of fun!

Susan said...

Thanks for the link to Misty Mountain. I love fragrant soaps and ordered the China Rain, Rosemary Mint and Lavendar.

Nice socks and scarf too!

Satori said...

You will love the Misty Mountain products. Let me know when yours arrive. I have just about all their stuff. Their soap fits perfect in the little soap pouches I'm make for Christmas gifts.

Diana said...

You are knitting like a crazy woman.... all of your projects look great!!! How does the hemp feel in your hands?