Smoky Mountain Colors

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Catching Up

First off, big thank you's to everyone who left a comment about GT. I wish all of you could meet him, he is a great guy and is becoming a terrific man.

I am running behind on getting the e-newsletter out. We have had some personal things come up in the family that I'm having to take care of and I will be leaving for TN Tuesday the 25th and will be home on the 30th hopefully. After that life should be in a little better order and I will get the newsletter out. My deepest apologies for the delay. Of course that gives everyone time to send in something on knitting and giving and what you do with your left over yarn! I still have a little room ;-)

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging and knitting, and leaving these problems behind. LOL.

Have a wonderful day, and thank you again for the comments and your patience.


Diana said...

I hope everythings goes well in TN. Will Gunther be making the trip with you? Everyone understands that personal life takes priority, so there's no need to apologize.

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Hope your family issues are resolved quickly! I think we have all experienced our own family situations and everyone understands!! Have a safe trip!