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Monday, June 19, 2006

On to it's mate

Last night I finished my sock and actually started it's mate. I hope the second one goes as well as the first one. I'm going to look into knitting both at the same time again. I tried it once and I was a mess. LOL. Maybe now that I'm use to knitting socks on circulars I'll be a little more calm. ;-) I really miss knitting socks. I have a ton of sock yarn so now that I'm back on the sock path I can use up some of my stash.

One of my friends at coffee Saturday asked me why I was making socks in the summer, since I'm either barefoot or in my Birks, and I told her that 1. I will wear them in the Fall and Winter and 2. I just like knitting socks. Well that got me thinking about my knitting and what I make and when I make it. Are you a "seasonal" knitter or do you knit what you want when you want it, and if it falls into the right season, that's cool? I don't think in the 40+ years that I've been knitting that I ever purposely knitted according to the season. Go figure. LOL. Posted by Picasa


ErLeCa said...

I do and I don't tend to knit with the season. I kind of just knit whatever I feel like. If it works, great, if it doesn't that's fine too. The only thing is, I do tend to knit summery or smaller projects in the summer because it's just too hot to knit wool sometimes... unless you have AC and I'm just not that lucky!

PlumpKnitter said...

I love the sock.. your making me want to start a pair.
But I am definately a "MOOD" knitter. Whatever my mood is that is what I knit.. If I am feeling all holidayish.. I'll start up christmas.. and so forth.. I rarely ever knit by season..