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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Next felting project

The is my new pile of yarn. A friend of mine gave me a coupon from JoAnn's and off I went. This is Lion Brands Landscape. I heard that it felted so we are going to see. Since I can't decide on the yarn for my Constant Companion bag, I'm going to make the Booga Bag with this. I'm looking forward to doing a bag on circulars. The back and forth on the other bag drove me nuts.

Speaking of the other bag. I finished the first strap and am about half way done with the second. I plan on sewing up the front and back tomorrow and finishing the strap, so then Saturday I can enter the land of felting. I'm really looking forward to it.

Tonight Gunther has his last Basic Obedience class. I hope he passes. In 2 weeks he is scheduled to start the Intermediate Obedience. Posted by Picasa

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Diana said...

I have faith in Gunther; he'll pass with flying fleas!