Smoky Mountain Colors

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I was thinking

Isn't that a dangerous way to start today's post? LOL. Well, I was thinking. I was thinking about how many times in all the years I've been knitting that I started a project not knowing why, or who it was for, or what I was even going to do with it, and then before I finished it, I knew exactly who it would go to and why. Has that happened to you? Don't you just love the look on their face when you surprise them with it? You know, some of us knit for family, grand kids, spouses, etc., but what about starting a project and giving the final product to an acquaintance, or someone who has just said a kind word to you when you really needed to hear it? When we knit, we give so much more to that person than just our time and thoughts. I believe that we give them something that we will never know about, something that goes deeper than the thank you's and the happiness that we see on their faces. Something that is meant only for their Spirit.

On a different note, for some time now I've been batting around about starting an online knitting newsletter. It would be emailed monthly or every other month. I'd like to put in it some small articles from a few of my students reminding us what it was like to first hold those needles to finishing their first project. Then of course, have yarn reviews, book reviews, blog of the month, Online Yarn Shop, free patterns and other knitting goodies, but what I think would make it different is have those of you who read my blog contribute, to voice your knitting and spinning experience. At first it will be available to my students past and present, and then anyone who signs up by clicking on the link located in the sidebar. What do you think?


PlumpKnitter said...

I think its a wonderful idea for the newsletter.. I would love to contribute to it.!! just let me know..what a great idea!!

Oh as for knitting something up and having no idea who I am knitting it up for happens all the time a Pattern usually finds me I knit it up then I find the perfect person to gift it to. I just love being a knitter.

Satori said...

I would love to have you contribute to the newsletter. As soon as I get some subscribers we'll jump on it.