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Monday, January 02, 2006

Knitting in the New Year

It's been said that what you do when the New Year comes is what sets the tone for the New Year. So I knitted as I watched the ball drop. I finished the Polar Spun baby blanket and then made 2 earwarmers and a rolled brim hat. The earwarmers and hat were for me, but the colors looked horrid on me so they are either going as gifts or ebay. LOL.

Warning about Polar Spun yarn. I found it to be difficult to knit. Using size 11 alum. Circulars I thought would be ok, but nnnoooo. They yarn catches on itself so when making stitches it doesn't move smoothly. Just a heads up for anyone who has this in their stash.

New Years Eve day I had a wonderful time visiting with Gunther's breeder. We met at Starbucks and he brought Gunther's dad, Sarge. OMG. The two of them together was heaven. Since I didn't know Sarge was going to be there I didn't have my camera with me but. We are going to get them together when Gun turns 6 months and get "family" pictures. Gunther looks so much like his dad. It's like a little miniature Sarge.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their New Years and is ready to tackle 2006 with blazing knitting needles.


Dood said...

love the yarn on the headband...
what kind is it?

Satori said...

The headband at the top is made from Yarn Bee yarn which can be found at Hobby Lobby, and the other is made from a Moda Dea Yarn, I believe that I got at