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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Coming To A Head Near You

In the mail today came my new book. Hip Knit Hats. To be honest I ordered it because of the hats on the cover, and I have several students that are interested in making hats a little more advanced. So from reading the reviews I thought this book would be good. As I opened it and started looking, I am now on the hat obsession. OMG, the hats in this book and the information is fantastic. The page below shows what kind of hats look good on what type of face structure.

Very Cool.

So as I go along I came across this picture. This will be my next hat. Oh yes, I am crazy over it. Ella on page 104. An entrelac beret. I've been hunting for a hat like this and decided that someday I would find the right pattern, patience wins once again.

This morning I finished a little hat for "Lizbeth". She and Bridget are home and doing well. I have a box packed with goodies for her and plan on shipping it out Monday morning.

Everyone have a great weekend, stay warm, knit a lot.
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Diana said...

Okay, I'm drooling over the book. I guess I'll have to run out and buy it.