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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Busy is a 4 letter word

Why is it, when we need things to be a little less busy the crazier it gets? I'm guessing it's because our perceptions change when we get under stress. I know that when I'm under stress my judgment on time alters. Like in the movies when they show a clock and the hands go around super fast. That's kind of how I have felt this last week, and I am guess until I get a grip on it, the next few days will too. Maybe its just the stress of getting ready for a short trip to TN again? But, with all that said, I have gotten some knitting done.

I finished Kira's bunny hat. The photo stinks, but I gave it to her this morning, and you would have thought I had given her a brick of solid gold. The child was speechless. (which I have never seen happen with her before). LOL. The hat is black worsted weight and the inside of the ears are a fuzzy pink (her two favorite colors). The pink is Moda Dea Dream, Waterlily. You can adjust and shape the ears pretty much any way you want, which I thought would be fun for her. If Kira could come back as anything, it would be a bunny. LOL.

Yesterday I had a demo at Hobby Lobby. I love doing those. One of my students came with her knitted goodies and we had a great time, knitting and talking to everyone. I started the Irish Hiking Scarf while I was there. She is starting cables all ready and so I thought that, the Irish Hiking scarf pattern would be good for her to learn with. So I started one too. I am guessing that she probably has it done all ready. ;-) Here is a picture of what I have started so far. Since I didn't have anything in the stash that I wanted to knit, I bought a skein of yarn at Hobby Lobby and just started the pattern while there. It's Red Heart Super Saver in Dusty Teal. I know it's not fancy yarn, but the color looked so pretty.

This morning I put the zipper in my bag, so it's finished now and being used. Yesterday I had several of the young girls that work there at Hobby Lobby wanting to buy my bag. It was funny. If they had made a little higher offer I probably would have done it. So here is the zipper. It surprised me how easy it went in. The last time I put a zipper in a knitted garment I swore I wouldn't do it again. (Warning: be careful what you say you will never do). Anyway, I really like this bag. Next time I'm going with the bigger one. As you can see from the photo I've got it a little loaded which is making it hang to the left here.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got to do everything they wanted.

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ErLeCa said...

Look at all these cool things you're working on. I love the little hat. It's definitely solid gold! So cute!