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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bouncing around the Yahoo knitting groups

From the links on the side bar, I guess you could tell that I go to several Yahoo knitting groups. (ok, I am not counting the two great Dane groups right now :-) ) A little while ago while I was having lunch I stopped by the Socknitters group and found an interesting KAL for those of us who have a lot of SOLID sock yarn but are always getting distracted by the great self stripping stuff. This is a Solid sock yarn KAL. I joined, of course, but I haven't heard anything back from her yet.

I am just about finished with my last sock on the circulars. Just a few more decreases and it will be graft the toe time. The Leaf Lace Shawl, well lets say it irritated me and so it is now frogged again, and on the "you pissed me off" knit list. Other than that, everything else that I have on needles right now is coming a long 1 row at a time, every day or so. LOL.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween and got tons of chocolate to snack on.

Blessed Be

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