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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Where did this week go?

Ok, so how did it become Sunday all ready? I knew that this past week was going to be filled with everything under the sun and it was. But, yesterday was amazing.

I had another knitting demo at Hobby Lobby and there will be at least 7 more woman coming for knitting class and 3 others want private lessons. How great is that? I'm pretty happy about it. Unfortunately none of the current students were able to make it to sit and knit with me, but it was still a great time. One lady and her mother (who was a knitter) had never seen socks made and so that was a lot of fun showing her socks on double points and then socks on 2 circulars. Then there was a lady who had read about socks on circulars but had never tried it, so I asked her to sit with me a minute and I handed her my socks on circulars and let her knit a few rows. She was thrilled. She went back and bought 2 pair of circulars and was going home to start some socks. I just love knitters, and beginning knitters they are pretty amazing people. I only ran up on one lady that was a little "testy". Stating to me that everything that I had made on display was a waste of knitting time since it nothing on the table was 100% wool or quality yarn. So I tried to explain to her that my agreement with the store was that I would also promote sales for them, in yarn and needles and patterns, that if she would look in my photo album she would see my other work. But, NNNOOOO, she just went on in front of her sister about cheap yarn. I actually began to feel embarrassed for her because she clearly had a problem and needed some kind of validation to be so over the top to a complete stranger who was just sitting there knitting. I finally told her when she was done that I didn't care if it was sewing thread or rope, there was no such thing as wasted knitting in my life, because I just love to knit. She left.

So I hope everyone has had a good weekend, and is getting prepared for a fun Halloween.

Blessed Be


Noeysmommy said...

I'm just so impressed with all your classes, and demos, and everything!! Have a great Halloween!

Diana said...

I think that lady needs to be medicated!