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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I've Been Tagged!

Ok, this will be fun, Diana, tagged me, and for this tag I get to display the stash of yarn. This will be so much fun. I always find yarn that I've forgot about. LOL. So today while Gunther the Dane (10 weeks old and 22 pounds) naps, I'll get the yarn out and play "yarn store."

I would also like to thank those who left comments and emailed me directly about Shadow Walker. Shad was an instictive dog and we were always on the same wave length. I hope that I will have that same connection with Gunther. It will take time as it did with Shad.

On lighter note, last night was knitting class, and again I had a great time. There wasn't as many ladies, but a few called and said they would be there next week. Anyway, we toured the knitting area of the store, (touched all the yarn, looked at all the goodies for our knitting bags, and course checked out all the patterns) and got some knitting done. These ladies are great and so excited. And the big news is the little girl I was telling you about came back and she was knitting! I was so happy for her. I do realize that the next session I will ask for 2 hours instead of the 1 1/2 hours. We talked last night about the next level of knitting class so I am also going to find out about what other night is available for the "next step" class.

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Diana said...

I'm glad the knitting classes are going great, and I knew you would be a fun and insightful instructor. Isn't it wonderful to share your love of knitting with other people? I'm sure you are a great inspiration to the newbies.