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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Multidirectional Knitting

Last night I was surfin' around the world here and I found on Yahoo the Multidirectional Knitting Group. The timing was pretty interesting since I had just read a review about Iris Schreier's book, Modular Knits (Lark, 2005). The group offeres free patterns and is very busy with a lot of messages and interaction. Here is the Description of the group if you are interested I encourage you to join. The link to join is toward the bottom of the side bar.


Learn to knit in continuous modules without having to cut yarn or pick up stitches. The moderator, Iris Schreier, author of Modular Knits (Lark, 2005) and co-founder of Artyarns, will offer free patterns as well as assistance and lots of photos for inspiration.

If you love hand-painted or any variegated yarn, but get frustrated when it looks better in the skein than in the finished project, then this group is for you. Maximize the beauty of the yarn by turning and knitting to create interesting designs. Post an introduction about yourself to get a free copy by email of Iris's first project, the famous Multidirectional Triangle Scarf that she created. (Even though you may have seen the deconstructed version on the web, hers is the original and yes, both ends do match.)

Free pattern: Lace Modular Shawl: Make the Lace Modular Shawl (photo under Photos Folder, pattern under Files Folder), and post your photo. Check out everyone else's photos as well. This is also a forum for discussion of Artyarns Tutorials (free on and posted under "Files" in the lefthand navigation bar ) and KALs for the Modular Knits projects.

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