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Monday, September 05, 2005

Much Better

I woke up at 5AM with no pain. What a relief. Thanks to all of you again for your kind words, thoughts and prayers.

Since I woke so early (actually the night time pain reliever ran out) and I was feeling pretty good, I decided that I needed to spend a little time with my daughter who is turning 19 this month. Both her and my son are so fantastic when I get down with the head pain. So I got ready and surprised her by taking her to coffee this morning before she had to go to work. We had a great time. I know that I wouldn't be that age again for nothing. LOL. She is in that area where you are caught between mature and immature, so grown up and yet so young. But, she is handling it well, and isn't afraid to ask for help with the big decisions and isn't afraid of the consequences of making the bad ones. Yes, I'm proud of her and I am so blessed to have her and my son in my life.

After I got home, I grabbed some left over sock yarn and decided to try some multidirectional knitting. I'll have a photo this afternoon of what I have started. It's pretty fun so far. Once you get the first triangle made it's short rows which I find fun, that's why I love turning the heels in socks.

I have rambled enough, it's time for more knitting.

Have a wonderful Labor Day for those in the US

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